Artist Bio

In the evocative realms of the abstract and the impressionistic, Tim Mc Gillicuddy weaves a tapestry of real and imagined emotion and experience into her original, hand-painted works. His professional affiliations with pre civilization stand as a testament to the belief of what came before us.

Tim’s  body of work reveals an intricate narrative of the human civilization that came before us fueled by a passionate exploration of history, science and the mystery of what came before us. Each canvas echoes his intuitive, deeply reflective approach to creation. His signature style is an orchestrated blend of intentional alabaster and acrylics, fluid rhythmic forms, and a vibrant palette that dances between hues. The evolution of his artistic journey over time has seen a shift from painting to ceramics  exploring imagination and possibility, to the bold and emotive realm of abstract expressionism. Tim, s art is a reflection of his rich tapestry of experiences, both lived and observed.

Tim’s  ambition is for his Art to transcend the physical realm; he aspires to invite the viewer to engage in a dialogue about the human experience, the history of our evolution , and the knowledge and beauty within them. Whether you are an art collector or an individual looking to infuse your life with expressive abstract artwork, or someone searching for a meaningful gift, Tim’s  works offer more than aesthetics – they offer an experience. As his art continues to inspire and captivate we  invites you to explore and engage with his art.

Tim Mc Gillicuddy graduated from GMIT (Galway Ireland) with a Bachelor of Fine Art and Design before returning to his native Kerry to set up his own studio. Tim has developed his own technique to push the medium to its limits. His work challenges our ideas of what ceramic Art is by using mixed mediums in his forms. His work plays with perception by presenting the viewer with seemingly simple scenes that, on closer inspection, reveal unexpected dimensions and textures.